Take Your Passport Photo at Home, With Your Cell Phone

From home or virtually anywhere, take your passport photo with your cell phone.
We've made it easy.
Our software makes sure it’s verified and your’ll receive it ready for your application.

How our technology works

Biometrically approved photos

Take or Upload Your Photo

Take or Upload Your Photo

Take or upload your photo with your mobile or PC. Take a selfie or have someone else take your photo

AI Software Photo Scan

AI Software Photo Scan

To ensure government compliance, our AI software scans your photo for errors using 20 points of verification, adjusts head size, crops, and cleans up the photo's background.

Download or Deliver to your home

Download or Deliver to your home

Choose how you want to receive your photos: printed and sent to your address, emailed for local/home printing, or one digital file for online submission

Canada Passport Photo - Biometric Requirements

  • Size


    Width: 50 mm
    Height: 70 mm

  • Background Color

    Background Color


  • Head Height Minimum

    Head Height Minimum

    31 mm

  • Minimum Resolution

    Minimum Resolution

    8 mm

  • Head Height Maximum

    Head Height Maximum

    36 mm

  • Maximum Resolution

    Maximum Resolution

    1200 dpi


32.8 mm

70 mm

50 mm

600 dpi

See what our customers say about us

A quick peek

The procedure is very quick, the quality of service is also good. I got the background of my photo changed to white, and the software gave me a warning that my first photo wasn’t good quality (due to the indoor light). The tips provided, on how to take a good passport photo by your cell phone camera, are extremely useful. Thanks.

Isaac Ross, NY

I love that they do not just print the photo, they ensure the quality of the photo will be accepted by the passport authority. They do not stop until they get it right. Awesome service. Can't wait to get my photos!

Tia Webb, NC

Brilliant service - each photo I took was analyzed and where it was not sufficient quality I was able to retake for free. When one is up to standard they take it and remove the background and make any changes necessary to get the photo to a standard where it will be accepted by the passport office. The one sent got accepted no problem. I would definitely recommend as probably the only way to pretty much guarantee your photo will be accepted.

George Pearce, TX

Fast, reliable, great service. Quality of pics was just what I needed and I got the shot that I wanted to have for 10 years. Would certainly use again.

Isabelle Parry, NM

How To Take A Photo

Biometrically Approved Photos

  • Background

    Stand in front of a background that is plain or white and free of shadows

  • Head Position

    Position your head inside the green overlay

  • Facial Expression

    Keep a neutral expression and look directly into the camera with full your face in view

  • Obstructions

    Don’t wear glasses, headphones or allow your hair or any other items to obstruct your face

Frequently Asked Questions

Biometrically approved photos

  • What are your delivery options? (Home & DIgital Delivery)

    Home Delivery: We offer 2 shipping options with our Print & Ship service, using Canada Post:
    1. Regular Parcel Shipping Usually 1-6 business days
    2. Xpresspost Shipping Next Business Day to 2 business days

    Digital/Email Delivery: With every order our customers will also receive their photos on 2 digital JPG files: one digital file will include the 2/4/6 photos, and another digital file that includes 1 digital photo (usually used for online photo submissions (Visas, etc))

  • Are you providing a commercial photography studio and do you stamp the back of the passport photo as required?

    Our commercial photography studio will print your photo on a quality glossy photo paper, stamp the back of your photo and and state the following as required:
    - The date the photo was taken
    - The name and complete address of our photo studio location in Canada

  • Do I need a guarantor to sign the back of my photos?

    If you're renewing an adult passport, the good news is that you do not need a guarantor to sign any of your photos.

    For applying to a New Passport (Adult) or for applying to a Child’s Passport - a guarantor is required to sign your photos.
    The guarantor must do so by doing the following:
    - Clearly write "I certify this to be a true likeness of (applicant's or child’s name)" for an application
    - Sign the back of the photo

  • What are the guarantor's requirements?

    Your guarantor can be anyone, including a family member or member of your household

    You don't need a guarantor if you're renewing your passport. You only need a guarantor if you're applying for a passport for the first time or you aren't eligible to renew your passport.

    Your Guarantor must:
    - have known you for at least 2 years
    - If the guarantor is for your child's passport, they must have known you for at least 2 years and must know of your child.
    - be available if we need to contact them
    - be a Canadian citizen 18 years of age or older
    - provide the information needed that’s in their passport
    - have been 16 years of age or older when they applied for their own passport
    - hold a 5-year or 10-year Canadian passport that, on the day you submit your application, is expired for no more than 1 year, or valid
    - If you're the parent or legal guardian that is applying on behalf of a child, you cannot sign as guarantor on the child’s application. However, the other parent or legal guardian (not submitting the application) can sign as long as they meet the requirements

  • If I can't find a guarantor, what can I do to get my photo approved?

    Complete the Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor form.

    Find someone who can administer an oath to swear to and sign the form:
    - This person doesn't need to know you personally
    - If you're in Canada, this can be a: Notary public, justice of the peace, or commissioner for oaths.
    - If you're outside Canada, this can be a: Canadian or British diplomatic or consular representative, or qualified local official, such as a civil servant or member of Parliament

  • Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor Form

    The Statutory Declaration in Lieu of a Guarantor form is not available online.

    To get the form:
    - In Canada: Go to the nearest passport service location
    - In the United States: Go to the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate
    - Outside Canada and the US: Contact the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate

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